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We understand your time is precious so stop thinking and save your Precious time and let our dedicated staff help you. Expertise Technical Support for Amped, setup Amped wireless from Certified Independent Experts, Expertise for Amped Routers, Expertise for Amped Range Extenders.

Services you Might be Looking for:-

  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connection
  • Configure and secure a router
  • Create a secure network
  • Coordinate setup preferences
  • Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network

Pro-line Security features in Amped Wireless
Smart Security highlights of amped remote extender give full control in client’s grasp. Point of confinement or piece access of different clients to your system. You can pick security highlights, by site savvy, day or even by planning times also. With remote yield control change, the client can likewise control the scope of wifi arrange. The arrangement of your Range Extender is very critical in accepting stable signs. In the event that you put Extender far from your switch, you may confront an issue. Dependably put Setup Amped Wireless Extender in the middle of the Wireless switch and Wireless Dead Zone. You can instantly observe improvement into remote signs. Looking for Solutions or looking for any Certified technician. Need help from the expert or looking for some Guidance. Need instant help Within 2 Minutes, We are just a phone call away. Do not worry our dedicated agents will assist you.

Best in terms of speed and Security, Amped Wireless extender work is to grow Current Remote System Run. It takes signals from the key Switch and begins Broadcasting it to the regions where you scarcely get WiFi signals.

Easy to Setup Amped Wireless Extenders:-

  • Keeping in mind the end goal, to begin an Amped remote setup, open a web program.
  • Presently, enter area name into the program address bar and press enter catch. On the off chance that, this area address doesn’t work, influence utilization of IP to address
  • On the off chance that you don’t have web association till yet, don’t stress extender web menu needn’t bother with any web association. The menu is served default by the Range Extender.
  • On the off chance that despite everything you confronting issue while getting to web menu, change program first. Firefox program isn’t suggested for the setup.
  • Or on the other hand, attempt to separate your PC from every one of the systems. Connect an Ethernet link to the Computer and amped remote sr00000ex setup.
  • By and an endeavor to open web program and visit

Technical Support for Amped Support is a totally independent and completely autonomous technical service provider. We provide technical support for all the major vendors and third-party products. The third party trademarks, logos, names of the brands and the products have been given for information purpose only and we in no means are advocating any affiliation or connection to any of the product or brand.Amped technical Support

Troubleshooting Amped Wireless Router Setup

AMPED WIRELESS IS NOT RESPONDING? FIX : When you try to access, you might receive an error message page cannot be displayed or bad gateway error, in such cases make sure Ethernet cable coming from amped wireless router is connected properly to your computer , do not connect your computer wirelessly with amped wireless router,if your computer is connected to some other wireless router disable wifi adapter of your computer & then try to make sure your firewall programs are disabled like avg internet security software, Norton, Avast, or Kaspersky security software .

Amped wireless setup
The set up of your Amped router is very easy as there is a setup wizard for each latest router and the wizard do everything for you. We are explaining step by step procedure for setting up any amped wireless router. Follow the steps given below if you have purchased a brand new amped router.

1. If you already have a router installed at your home then firstly disconnects it. Plug it out from the power source as well as from modem. If you have not any, follow from step 2.

2. Turn off your existing modem by removing its plug from the power outlet. Remove the battery from the back of the modem if it has one.

3. You will get a blue Ethernet cable within the box of the router. Take it out and insert its one end into the modem and another end into the blue port of the router.

4. Plug the power adapter of the modem and put its battery back if it has one and switches it on. Wait for two minutes or till the power LED to go in the solid state.

5. Attach the antennas and insert Ethernet cable into your device. The color of the Ethernet cable is grey. This cable also goes into the router. Insert the power adapter into router and supply power by plugging it into the electrical outlet.

6. Launch a web browser and type into the URL bar of the browser and then hit the enter key.

7. A login window prompted. Enter the username and password. The default values will be found on the product label of your router.

8. Smart setup wizard automatically starts the setup process and guides you throughout the setup.

9. Change the internet settings. Some users preferred to this manually. It is up to a user if a user has enough knowledge then he can do so. Click on the next each time after changing the desired settings. You can also skip the configuration part and finish the setup.

The size of the router is small enough to fit onto a shelf. You will get six to eight antennas to get the maximum coverage. You will see the brand name printed on the top of each amped router and in this case, Helios is printed on the front panel. There are rubbers feet on every then back of the amped router has everything from Gigabit ports to WPS button. A reset button is there on the back to set the router to factory default settings. And moreover amped wireless setup can be done very easily. We will discuss the setup process in detail.

Setting Login details
Your router has by default login values. But it is recommended to change the default login details as soon as possible. Access the menu tabs and go to password under management. Change the password. Enter the username and the new password in the given fields. You have to then confirm the new password in the given field.

Here, we are mentioning some tips to fix some of the common issues; you will get with your amped wireless setup or amped wireless router.

Welcome to the Smart Setup Wizard
The Amped Wireless High Power Smart Repeater extends your wireless coverage by repeating the signal from your home or office wireless network (Home Network). The Smart Setup Wizard will guide you through the simple setup of your High Power Smart Repeater. Click Next to continue!

Scan for Network
To set up your High Power Smart Repeater you will need to first scan for an available Wi-Fi network “Home / Office Network” to connect to and redistribute within your “Extended Network.”

Setup Security (if necessary)
If the Wi-Fi network (Home Network) that you are trying to connect to has security enabled, then enter the security key below. If your Home Network does not have security, leave this field blank and click Next.

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Extended Network ID
The identification name of your “Extended” wireless network is “Amped_Wireless.” This is the name that wireless users will use to connect to your network. You may change the settings below:

Extended Network Security Key
Your Extended Network is secured with the following key. You must enter this key when connecting wirelessly for the first time to the High Power Smart Repeater. You may change the key. Now once you change the Key. Click Next to confirm your settings and continue. The High Power Smart Repeater will reboot and perform a connection test. Please do not disconnect the High Power Smart Repeater during reboot.

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If you are manually setting your Home Network connection, you will need to enter the security setting in the Security page for your Home Network. After clicking Apply on this page, click Reboot Later and go to the Security page to set your security settings. Click Reboot Now after all settings are applied. The High Power Smart Repeater cannot connect to your Home Network until all settings have been set and applied.

List of Amped Router Devices Help you can get :

  • High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router R10000
  • High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Router R10000G
  • High Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Dual Band Router R20000G
  • High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router RTA15
  • High Power Touch Screen AC750 Wi-Fi Router TAP-R2
  • High Power AC1200 Wi-Fi Router RTA1200
  • High Power AC1300 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO RTA1300M
  • High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Router RTA1750
  • High Power Touch Screen AC1750 Wi-Fi Router TAP-R3
  • High Power AC1900 Wi-Fi Router RTA1900
  • High Power AC2200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • High Power AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO RTA2600
  • High Power AC2600 Wi-Fi Router with MU-MIMO RTA2600-R2
  • AC1900 Wi-Fi Router B1900RT
  • List OF AMPED RANGE EXTENDERS help you can get:-
  • High Power Wireless-150N Range Extender SR150
  • High Power Wireless-N Range Extender SR300
  • High Power Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender REC10
  • High Power Wireless-N 600mW Range Extender SR1000

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