How to connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo

A quick guide to Connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo

  • First, open the Alexa app to Connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo. After that go to the left navigation panel. There you will see settings. Select settings to move further. Also, please consider these things if you want to Connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo successfully: How to connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo

Plug your Echo into a power outlet. and then Open the Alexa app.

  • Also be mindful in the process when you Connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo, that Echo connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) networks that use the 802.11a / b / g / n standard. Echo does not connect to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) networks.
  • In the second step of the process when you Connect Netgear router with Amazon Echo, under settings, select your device and then select the option Update Wi-Fi. If you’re adding a new device to your account, select Set up a new device instead.
  • When followed the second step, then move further with the next step. Here On your Echo device, press and hold the Action button until the light ring changes to orange. Your mobile device will then connect to your Echo device. A list of available Wi-Fi networks appears in the app.

Here the Echo can ask you to connect manually the device with your Amazon Alexa with wifi settings.

  • In the next step, when you will select your Network, you will be asked o enter the login credentials. To enter the network password (if in case required). If in case your wifi network is not available then scroll down and select Add a Network (for hidden networks) or Rescan.
  • After this, there would be several options which you can configure if wish. In case If you need to add your Alexa device to your router’s list of approved devices, scroll down on this screen until you see the MAC address.
  • Another option you will get is saving the password. Wi-Fi passwords saved during setup automatically appear when you connect a new Alexa device to the same Wi-Fi network. The password is also remembered if you switch between saved Wi-Fi networks.
  • In case you want to connect any available public network which is optional, you can do this. Enter the necessary information if you are connecting to a public network that is needed a web browser to sign in, for example, a school or hotel. The information could be a pre-shared password, room number, or just a button to accept conditions for using the network. You cannot save this information to Amazon. Contact the network owner for more information.
  • In the final step click on option Connect. After your device connects to your Wi-Fi network, a confirmation message appears in the app. You’re now ready to use Alexa.

Troubleshooting for Amazon Echo unable to connect tot he Netgear router

Troubleshooting Tip 1

  • If your Echo device came with the screen then see if the light on the device shows in orange color. If it is so then your device’s Wi-Fi connection isn’t working as expected.  So go into the wifi settings and select wifi.
  • Also please remember your network password. Keep in mind that If you see a lock icon, a network password is required. This password is not your Amazon account password.
  • Also, try to update the router’s firmware also the modem firmware if needed.
  • Check for the WPA security. On default, the router uses both WPA+WPA2 for security. To fix this switch the router security type to either WPA or WPA2 only. If the router also has an option to set the type of encryption, setting it to AES only is recommended.

Troubleshooting Tip 2

  • Another troubleshooting way is to restart your Echo device along with the network hardware. Also, restart Internet modem, and router to resolve most Wi-Fi issues.
  • So first switch off your router and modem, and then wait for the next half a minute. Now after this switch on your modem, and then wait for it to restart. When you are done with modem restarting then move further and restart your router. After this wait for it to restart.
  • In the meanwhile when our network hardware restarts, unplug the power adapter from your Echo device for three seconds and then plug it back in. In the last step restart your Echo device and network hardware, try to connect to your Wi-Fi network again.

Troubleshooting Tip 3

  • It could be your password issue if you are unable to connect the Echo device with the wifi connection. In case If you saved your Wi-Fi password to Amazon, but recently you changed the password, you need to re-enter your new Wi-Fi password to connect again.
  • Also, you have the option to save the password to Amazon. For this re-run any compatible device through its Wi-Fi setup process. Once reconnected to your Wi-Fi network, your updated Wi-Fi password is automatically saved to Amazon.

Troubleshooting Tip 4

  • Another method of troubleshooting is to free the network from unwanted traffic. For this switch off devices, you aren’t using to free up bandwidth on your network. 
  • Also bring close your router and modem if it’s in a different room or blocked by an object.
  • Also keep the device away from other electronic devices such as microwave ovens or baby monitors.
  • Also, you can connect your router’s 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band (if it’s available). Many Wi-Fi devices only connect to the 2.4 GHz band. If multiple devices use this band on your network, your network speed may be slower. You can connect to the less congested 5 GHz band for better range and less interference.

Troubleshooting Tip 5

  • Another way to troubleshoot is to check if your other devices for example tablets or mobile phones can connect to your network. If not, there may be a problem with your Wi-Fi network. In this case contact with your Internet service provider, network administrator, or the person who set up your network for assistance.

Also, see how to connect the Amazon Alexa

  • First, unbox your new Amazon Alexa device. Remove the plastic protection sheet from the product. After removing it, put the unit plug into the power supply or power socket.
  • Now when you had done plugging the Amazon Alexa, now you can see the LED circling on the top of the device. After a few moments, the Alexa device will ask you to do the complete setup to use it properly.
  • To use the Amazon Alexa, it is necessary to download the Amazon Alexa app from the official site of the manufacturer either from the play store or from Google play store. You can download the Amazon Alexa on your Android, iOS or Amazon tablet depending upon your choice.
  • Now you need to sign in to your Amazon account. Just sign in and enter the username and password for your Amazon account. In case you are feeling difficulty in sign in process. don’t panic.
  • In case you don’t have an account with Amazon, just sign up for the Amazon account. Please remember that if you want to use Amazon Alexa it is mandatory that you must have Amazo account and your sign in that. Without the Amazon account, you will not be able to use your Amazon Alexa device.
  • It is not necessary that when you have Amazon account but you are not a member of Amazon Prime subscriber. But a few features of Amazon Prime membership will not be there in your Amazon account like the ability to play music from Amazon’s library.
  • In the next step of doing the setup, go to your device’s settings whichever you are using either mobile phone or iOS or Amazon tablet. Locate the settings and go into the wifi settings. Locate the new Alexa in the displayed list. Generally, it is displayed as ‘Alexa-2JZ ‘or similar. Just Tap on it and it will automatically connect as there is no requirement for a password.
  • Now after this, go back to the Amazon Alexa app. Sometimes it does not start automatically. In that case tap on the three horizontal lines. Then choose the settings and after that go into the setup a new device. There are chances that you can see Existing Amazon devices in the displayed list. It is because Amazon Alexa app is also available on Fire TV or other some Fire tablets or devices.
  • When a pop-up window is displayed about selecting your wifi network. From there choose your home wifi network from the list and enter the password. After this, the Amazon Alexa will try to connect to your wifi network. Your phone or tablet should automatically reconnect to the same network as it no longer needs to be connected to the Alexa.
  • Now test the Amazon Alexa device. Assume that your has an internet connection. The inbuilt Alexa will announce that she is ready to go. To start, try saying, the Amazon Alexa ‘name’ and a question like ‘ what is the time’. And she should be able to respond with the correct time. Also remember that if you have more than one Alexa device, each has to be set up individually.

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