• A quick guide to Buffalo router setup

1. To do the Buffalo router setup, visit the Buffalo router’s default IP address in your web browser window.

2. Here a new screen will pop up asking you to enter username/password. The default username is admin and password is ‘password’ without quotes.

3. Fater seeing the home screen, select the Advanced settings option.Buffalo router setup

4. Click on “Internet” and enter in the DNS server field and Apply to save your settings.

After following the above mentioned quick guide, you will be to do the Buffalo router setup. In case, if above-mentioned steps of Buffalo router setup is not good enough, you can follow the below-mentioned detail process of Buffalo router setup and in case any issue persist in the process of doing the Buffalo router setup, below the troubleshooting points has also been mentioned, which you can refer. Also after doing the Buffalo router setup, we also advise you to secure the Buffalo router’s network by following the below-mentioned steps to prevent any sort of misuse of your personal and financial information.

  •  A detailed process of Buffalo router setup

Here is the easy and quick guide to doing Buffalo router setup, please refer the below-mentioned steps for the same:

i) As you must have the unpacked your Buffalo router and ready for doing the setup Buffalo router, connect the ethernet cable from the jack to the right side port on the back of the Buffalo router

ii) Once you had connected the Buffalo router to the network and it has been powered on the power light of the Buffalo router will come or lit up and the other lights of Buffalo router will series vise will front, situated in the front side of the Buffalo router. After the left side light situated on Buffalo router will go off which is labeled as ‘Diag’ and labeled light ‘Router’ will lit up, it means your Buffalo router has come on or initialized and also is connected to the available network.

iii) In order to do the Buffalo router setup, open your web browser window and enter the default URL of Buffalo router: in the respected URL field and now press the Enter. you will be prompted to enter the Username and password to access your Buffalo router settings. Now enter the word ‘root’ which should be without quotes as the username and her the default password is blank which means you need to leave the password field blank. Now after doing this, press the ok button. You will be taken automatically to the page where you can configure the Buffalo router or here we could say, you will be redirected to the page Buffalo router setup.

iv) Now in order to do Buffalo router setup select the Admin configuration button, which is located on the top right side of the Buffalo router setup page. Here enter the name for your Buffalo router, field name aAirStationion’ and click apply. Wait till the Buffalo router restart with new applied settings. You will have to refresh the web browser window after this.

v) To proceed further with Buffalo router setup select the field of password button in the small row of choices under the name of Admin configuration. Her ethe administrator name has already been fixed as ‘root’, you will have the choice to choose a password which should be of 8 characters or could be less. enter the password in provided two fields and select apply. Wait till the rBuffalo router restart and you will be asked to login with the username ‘root’ and the new password which you just had chosen in previous mentioned steps. If you had chosen the password which is over the limit of 8 characters long, you will not be able to login and will ahve to reset your wireless router by using pinhole on the bottom.

vi) Now select the wireless cnfigration option situated on the top, third from the left. Here is a small row of choices under under the option of wireless configration, click basic. Please check that box named as enable next to the wireless radio should be unchecked. For the doing the SSID setting, go to the second option use and then choose a name for your Buffalo router’s wireless network. To refer it in future, you can write down the name and click apply.

vii) Now its time to fgo to security options and for the same select the option security under wireless configration situated on the top of the page. To authenticate the wireless, select WPA/WPA2 mixedmde-PSK. For the WPA–PSK which is a shred key field, choose a password which neds to be between 8-63 characters, only letters and numbers are allowed and enter it here and after that click on apply.

viii) Now after following the above mentioned steps, your Buffalo router is ready and configured to connect to the network; here we had successfully done the Buffalo router setup.

  • Buffalo router Troubleshooting

As Buffalo router setup is already done, lets move forward to the troubleshooting of the Buffalo router.

i) Buffalo router not working wireless

– First of all please check your wireless connection and verify that all wires to your computer and Buffalo router should be in perfectect working condition. Also, have a check on your DSL cable and verify the good intenet connectivity

– As if the above mention step you have followed and still facing the issue then please reset the buffalo router. If wires are connected properly and internet connectivity is good then there might be chanced that its the internal software issue. In this scenario, we will recommend that please reset our Buffalo route to its factory default settings. Which will automatically clean the all previous settings which were the faulty one or any internal software related problem. In order to do the reset, please press the reset button at the back of the Buffalo router nd hold that button for next 30 seconds and after leave it. Your Buffalo router will reset and try again for the connectivity.

– Reconfigure your Buffalo router from scratch: If the above-two steps did not solve the issue, then reconfigure your router from scratch. Use automatic DHCP settings and create a strong password along with the configuration process. Try connecting your device now.

– In case you had tried all above mentioned steps and still not able to connect wirelessly then, you can also try to updat drivers and firmware, for the Buffalo router. Drivers are basically software programmes already embebed into your Buffalo router for better functions and work with control. With time they could also get currrepteed or outdated which make it mandsatory for you to update them from time to time. In order to update the Buffalo router’s driver, you can visit the official website of the Buffalo router and update the required drivers and firmware based on your operating system.

– In case still you are facing the problem and checking from wires and inernet connectivity, Driver and firmware updating and other measures dint work then its time to reconfigure and reset the Buffalo router from scratch. Connect your router to the computer as mentioned in step 1 and open your web browser and type in your IP address in the box. This will redirect you to the router settings page. Here you can simply click on the Configure my router from the given options and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

ii) Unable to secure the Buffalo router
Step 1- The first and formost is to do is modify the network name. Any unsecure network is the threat to the user’s personal info, private informaion could result in financial theft, Identity theft and other serious issues. So to secure the Buffalo router, modify the network name of your Buffalo airstation router. We advised you to change the SSID which initially always is the default which is vulnerable to the threat of hackers’s hack.

Step 2- If you had already chosen to modify the Buffalo router’s network name and changed the default SSID, you are already one step further and now also set a complex password for your Buffalo wireless Network router. The ideal password is which contains a random sequence of characters/alphabets or special characters. In case you r are not able to decide a complex password there is help which can use is, “Random Password Generator”.

Step 4- Disable WPS
As you know tht all router available in the market, comes with WPS button. This WPS button has a basic function hich is to simplyfying the connection. But this could also serve as a weak point, as it makes it vulnerable to the heckers hack, they can use it to access Buffalo router’s settings. So as you want to secure the Buffalo router netork, turn off the WPS button and connect all your devices in which you require the network, manually. Although its not difficult but yes time consuming, but by doing so yoy are making your Buffalo router network, a secure one.

Implement techniques with your Buffalo Air Station Router and keep your network safe from unauthorized access.

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